Robe #1

simple robe, male and female, with hood and without hood, dyeable or halfdyeable

Download the packaged version with all robegumps and worldviews.  If you´re planning on using one of my contents, please leave a comment, if possible with a link to your project.

2 Responses to “Robe #1”

  1. Ad Agoroth Says:

    Wonderfull job! I realy like it, when i’ll have the time, I will add thoses to my project! Still not open, but maybe one day! :)

  2. thistle Says:

    your work is some of the best i have seen, great job

    i am in the process of making my own ml based server with three custom maps and about 1000 custom art items gumps ect. your art work would be a awsome edition to the server and on my webpage
    (when i get one going lol) i will post a link here and put a kudo,s to you on there as well.

    you are more than welcome to contact me if you like same with anyone who wants in on project.

    p.s. ty for all your hard work your the best.

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