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Here´s the place for greetings, flaming, praise, or proposition.

Please let me know, if a download or bmp is corrupt.

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  1. Lans Says:

    Hey, I am working on a graphics set and I was hoping you could coordinate with me to ensure I do everything okay.

    Recently I have a few problems, the file is for client 7.0+ and I’m not sure if we can actively use Stygian Abyss Items for human characters.

    This compounds by the file becoming troublesome and losing information past 300mb in anim, I’m assuming theres a soft-cap on it before it becomes unstable.

    I tried replacing the animation of the crescent blade and double bladed staff but both failed to really replace — what am I doing wrong here?

    If you want please contact me on MSN at — I may have some graphics of my own you can add here too if you’d like.

  2. viola Says:

    dear lans,

    i´m sorry i can´t help you, i am not experienced in these technical things.
    thank you for offering me your art work, but i only put out my own works.

    good luck with your graphics set anyway,


  3. thistle Says:

    awsome work i am really interested in adding some to my server.
    i have not downloaded anything yet as i ned to do it from my computer.

    but i do have one question and that is.

    what format are your files saved as ?

    ill assume bmp for now and as far as muls go are they muls or uop?

    sorry, just wondering

  4. Alex Says:

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